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....your health. Our concern. 
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2 Majestic Ave.  Lincroft  NJ
Teresa A. Ryan PT, DPT  Lic# QA05476
Steve J. Ryan PT, Cert. MDT  Lic# QA07294
TRUE Physical Therapy
  • movement specialists
  • listen to YOU
  • take appropriate history
  • identify the problem source
  • help you to help yourself

Personal Training

    • Power Half Hours
    • TRUE Personalized Focus
    • Post Rehab
    • Injury PREVENTION
Personal Training
                                    TRUE PHYSICAL THERAPY
specializes in personalized, individual diagnoses and treatment of various conditions of the musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, nerves and joints) system. 
What does that mean? 
We LISTEN. We ASSESS. We EVALUATE. We discover your physical therapy diagnosis. We EXPLAIN. We EDUCATE......and THEN, we TREAT.

 Here are some common troubles that we TRULY treat:

• Back and Neck Pain: problems originating from your spine 
• Leg pain (including sciatica) or arm pain (often noted "pinched nerve") 
• Joint Problems: Shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand or Hip/knee/ankle/foot 
• Post operative (after surgery) Rehabilitation: open incision and arthroscopic 
• Sprains, strains, muscle "pulls" and "knots" 
• Headaches 
• Muscle, nerve or joint pain of unknown origin, even if you've had it a long time 

Physical therapists are uniquely qualified as musculoskeletal (muscle/tendon/ligament/bone) experts promoting TRUE appropriate exercise technique and program design. Get the best of both...PT and fitness!! Personal training by professional PT's!! What could be better for your overall health?!

In today's complex healthcare world, at times even seeing your physician may be a challenge. Know that Teresa and Steve will ALWAYS guide you towards the appropriate plan of treatment or outside referral, based on a COMPLETE evaluation and working mechanical diagnosis or rule out if needed.  

Follow this link exploring APTA's Benefits of Physical Therapy for a realistic analysis why you might see a physical therapist FIRST:
TRUE Physical Therapy, LLC
TRUE Fitness Training
Welcome to TRUE Physical Therapy, LLC an independently owned outpatient physical therapy practice providing the highest level of quality care. 
Health care IS changing.
Where you are treated DOES matter. What we offer is consistent, "YOU focused care" for your musculoskeletal needs, each visit and every time.

Teresa and Steve 

There is NO better expert for fitness than a Physical Therapist when it comes to fitness and personal training for getting or staying in shape, preventing injury, improving joint mobility and spine health. We are the TRUE valued package!