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....TRUE PT listens and assesses then teaches YOU how to help yourself. 

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Teresa A. Ryan PT, DPT  Lic# QA05476
Steven J. Ryan PT, Cert. MDT  Lic# QA07294
"A job well done... my rehab was not only successful, 
but I also had fun!"  B. Slott
Put our expertise & experience to work for you. At TRUE Physical Therapy, LLC, we are proud to have received the following recognition from our graduated patients as a premiere provider of Physical Therapy & Personal Training services for the mid Monmouth County area.  Here are a few examples of our "Success Stories."
"When I first came through the door of TRUE PT, I could barely walk or drive.  I had torn my achilles tendon on 1 leg and pulled a muscle that healed improperly on the other.  The pain was terrifice and I thought that my active life would never be the same.
Within just a few weeks, thanks to the magical hands of physical therapist, Teresa Ryan, I was able to walk without limping and drive without pain.  Through her individualized, positive direction & help from her professional staff, I improved each day.  After 2 months of physical  therapy, I was back to my active life!" J. Shea
"I was fortunate enough to locate Steve Ryan online at the McKenzie Institute!  Steve has proved to be extremely proficient at the McKenzie Method for the lower back.  Upon my introductions to TRUE Physical Therapy, I was suffering from lower back pain-my lower back almost always felt compressed.  These compressions were endured for years.  Steve has not only alleviated both the pain and compression, but has given me the means to manage this myself!  I would recommend TRUE  PT without hesitation."  J. Keyzer
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"TRUE Physical Therapy
 is well equipped as a  premium provider for health & wellness."
Success Stories for TRUE Physical Therapy, LLC
"TRUE Physical Therapy is an awesome place, I've been there a multitude of times, and all I can say is each time is better than the last.  Every time I go there I feel like family everyone is so friendly.  They made dark times in  my life seem bright.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Steve & Teresa are awesome, one is no better than the other.  I have learned with every injury there is a solution.  I don't hesitate when I get hurt because I know I'm in good hands.  Thank You to All the members at TRUE for always assisting in my rehab."  R. Cura
"Even though it's only been a couple of visits I had to send you this note. I felt moved by your attention to detail of my particular ailment. I feel I'm in good hands and appreciate the help I am receiving from you. You astound me that you are so sharp and remember so much. It's a pleasure coming to PT. Thanks." W. Weiner